Who we help

Helping people who are homeless​

Helping people who are homeless​

We work with those who are homeless or unemployed. We do this because we have identified these groups as those who are most at risk while living in poverty. While there are links between both, being unemployed has been shown to contribute to homelessness.

How we help

We help people by providing direct help for life’s essentials. When a person has moved on from rough sleeping or a hostel they may need items to help towards living a better quality of life, which will hopefully contribute towards gaining employment.

Helping people who are homeless​


We've supported local people in poverty by providing clothing to stay warm and dry.

Helping people who are homeless​


When moving into a hostel, a clean bed can make a world of difference to a person emotionally.

Helping people who are homeless​

Winter Wear

Staying warm and dry while out and about helps a person stay safe, dry and comfortable.

Who we've helped


Sam has recently been rough sleeping and then moved on to temporary accommodation. Pledge supplied Sammie with a basic mobile phone so that she could keep in touch with her counsellor and to stay engaged with local services. 


Luke has been living in a halfway house and is now beginning to engage with the supported accommodation he is now living in. This engagement will enable him to start to rebuild his life and eventually allow him to get back into work. Pledge donated a television for him to relax in the evening.


Dylan has been staying in temporary accommodation while being helped by ‘A Bed Every Night’. Pledge donated a fold-up bed that ensures when Dylan is indoors, he has a comfortable night sleep off the street.

Identifiable information has been changed to protect the identity of the people we have helped.