Booth Centre Case Study
Booth Centre Case Study

Booth Centre Case Study

Pledge has been working with the Booth Centre for over one year. During that time we have worked on many ad-hoc projects, as well as overall strategy. The digital projects have been essential to increase staff efficiency and help the Booth Centre embrace technology as a significant way forward for a charity that is over twenty years old.

Booth Centre Case Study

Working with Pledge is completely trouble-free and energising. We feel confident in being guided by their experienced team. It’s crucial for all charities to embrace technology, especially around digital fundraising and donor engagement. In the future, we all will need to be in-tune to digital technology, and I know that Pledge will help guide us through the sometimes complicated world of tech.

Amanda Croome MBE

Booth Centre CEO

About the Booth Centre

The Booth Centre is there to bring about positive change in the lives of people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and help them plan for and realise a better future.

They provide activities to help people rebuild their confidence and learn something new while having fun. They run arts, employment and skills sessions daily and offer everyone a healthy breakfast and lunch. Advice is available to help people find accommodation and overcome the practical difficulties they are facing.


Booth Centre Case Study


Pledged worked with current staff to understand their needs to increase communication efficiency with volunteers and users of the centre. We identified software that was able to send out multiple SMS messages to different stakeholders to keep them informed and engaged with Booth Centre services.


  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Increased service user engagement
Booth Centre Case Study


Our decade of experience around digital hardware means we were best placed to not only source 70 mobile phones for the Booth Centre, but we were able to really get to the bottom of their needs and then ultimately find the best equipment and price that fit those needs.


  • Bridged digital knowledge gap
  • Free up staff time to focus on the centre
Booth Centre Case Study


Having a strategic plan is essential for any digital project. We regularly work on an ad-hoc basis to provide insight and guidance to the Booth Centre around longer-term digital projects and goals. Our guidance enables them to stay ahead of the curve and also be more resilient to future technology.


  • Organisation more resilient to change
  • Embrace new ways of digital fundraising

The Final Word

The Booth Centre is a forward-thinking charity, that understands the importance of embracing technology to further their mission. In a world where technology is all around us, in our phones, our homes and even in our dog collars, it’s essential that charities embrace the future.

With the Booth Centre, we were able to free up staff time by using software to keep in touch with volunteers and service users.

Our work with their team around strategy ensures they stay ahead of the curve when thinking about future digital projects, especially around how to embed digital their organisation.

Longer term, the charity is more sustainable and able to engage with new donors in ways never previously possible.

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