A partnership between the coding school, Code Nation and charity Pledge will highlight common social issues in Greater Manchester that can be solved using technology.

Regular cohorts of Code Nation students will work with poverty reduction charity, Pledge to look at local social issues that could be rife for tech innovation. 

Pledge has a mission to reduce poverty in Greater Manchester for those people who are experiencing homelessness, exploitation and unemployment. This partnership will see both Pledge and Code Nation work together to tackle important issues that many individuals and employers want to help with but don’t know how.

The first project, due to start in September will see the twelve-strong team of students work on a real-life brief with the charity, looking at how their skills of mobile and web development can create genuinely impactful tech solutions.

Due to be decided and unveiled by Code Nation students on October 30th, the project will be the first of its kind in Greater Manchester, merging the skills of a corporate and charity to create sustainable long-term social impact projects.

More information on the project will be shared via the Pledge blog over the coming months.

Who is Code Nation?

Code Nation is on a mission to prove that anyone (with the right attitude) can learn to code.

Total immersion over a 12-week period, providing in excess of 480 hours of training in both technical and life skills, takes candidates from zero to ‘work ready’, significantly faster than traditional learning environments.

You have to commit to the course and throw yourself in from day one. Our program has been designed to “up the pace” steadily throughout the curriculum as well as to keep you smiling and learning about life as a coder.

We look for curious minds and our interview process is designed to help you determine for yourself if a career in coding is for you.

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