Pledge Charity Foundation

“Caring Community Citizens”

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We consider education a fundamental human right and a core element of our work in Ghana and other countries, because it enables people to access and enjoy other rights.

Crisis/Conflict Resolution

Pledge Charity foundation is bent on making the world a better place for all persons to live without fear of being harassed, terrorized, and so on.

Women/Child Rights

Children and Women around the world are more likely to live in poverty – just because they are orphans, less privilege and venerable women. 

Viruses/STDs Sensitization

Our STDs work is integrated in the regional programed where they are relevant. These programed focus on achieving:


Women Economic Empowerment

PLEDGE CHARITY FOUNDATION LTD campaigns with women to be economically empowered, fair taxes to reduce inequalities, and to see a fairer division of unpaid care work – including public services to reduce drudgery and ensure better quality care provision for people living in poverty.

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