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Pledge Charity Foundation

“Caring Community Citizens”


PLEDGE CHARITY FOUNDATION, (PELCAF) is non-profit impactful Christian base Organization, initially, started 2014 as a community Base Organization (CBO) by this Refugees base church “Divine Light Global Healing Ministries Inc.” Buduburam Refugee Camp, Central Region Ghana.

At Pledge Charity Foundation

Our focus owing to limitation at the time was mainly on feeding smaller refugees kids and paying few school fees for kids, teens and adults and conduct HIV, Drugs sensitization, peace and conflict resolution and well reconciliation workshops among Refugees.

Upon registration, 18th December 2017,  we decided to expand our services globally and continue to focus on helping small and large groups of refugees and less privileged in cities, in world’s remote and difficult places in our effort to minimize poverty, reduce the spread of  HIV/AIDS, provide food rights, reduce untold hardship, conflict resolution, nature disaster, and as well provide Shelters, apprenticeship and vocational and Rural Training programs, couple with academic education, that is, Primary, Junior and Senior High School, up to tertiary learning. These are the many appealing challenges facing PELCAF globally. Join us in making us a caring community citizens, as we also work with government institutions around the world.  In addition, PLEDGE CHARITY FOUNDATION LTD support the basic needs and rights of people. Works with government, communities, partner’s organization, groups and work with human rights institution to develop, build the lives of people and formulate policies that will improves our target audience and the poor.

PLEDGE CHARITY FOUNDATION LTD, believe in consensus agreement that is, our will, will not be imposed on people or community but we believe in making the most of people by identify what they need at the right time and providing it when necessary.

PLEDGE CHARITY FOUNDATION LTD, We are driven by local needs and existing market conditions, our NGO programs provide for Refugees, Orphans, Widow, Widowers the less privileged, communities’ dwellers with the tools and support they need to transform their own lives. With our vibrant and qualified resources people some of whom are managers and professional seeks to improve the lives of millions in many penetrated nations. Kindly see our www.pledgecharity.org



We seeks to be  the leading NGO in providing humanitarian services globally to Refugees and caring for the needed, less privileged in society. Caring not only for ourselves but for the target audience we represents.

PELCAF, vision is quality and efficient holistic global and community based services to Children, Teens and Adults. In areas like: Education, Food security, Shelters, Medication, Relief packages, Sensitisation programs etc.

How we work

How to volunteer

How we work generally:

  • We shall solicit funding in the form of grants, loans, fund raising, and writing project proposal to individual and philanthropist organization.
  • This will increase our intake and support drive to thousand s of target groups with different discipline.
  • Increase citizens’ participation in forming and managing education policy
  • promote access to feeding and education as a right
  • Support efforts for sufficient resources to the education sector
  • Support efforts to increase access to education and retention in school for vulnerable children and secure their rights

How we work on Education

  • Jocelyn Doe, an orphan supported through High School, with fees and shelter. 
  • Chris Billy, Mark Wleh Cole, Joseph Nagba, PLEDGE CHARITY FOUNDATION LTD aided in Elementary and Junior High School completion.
  • We wish to empower Rural women with different skill training programs etc.


There are some amazing opportunities in volunteering

There are so many organizations that you could volunteer with and some you might not have thought about. Positions could include anything from administrative support, environmental conservation, befriending and mentoring, event assistance, medical, construction, welfare, and governance roles.

Volunteers come from many backgrounds and with all levels of skills and abilities. Whether you have one free hour a day, a week, or a month, there’s sure to be a voluntary position for you.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer, simply contact us to arrange a time for a chat to find out what kind of volunteer opportunities are currently available. Volunteer for PLEDGE International can help match your individual skills and interests with a large number of groups who also attract volunteers, we do.

You can make an appointment with PLEDGE International country Director in countries we operate. You can visit our office from Monday to Friday, 9:am-3:pm, each day or called our hotline or sent comment in our guest book via email. You will learn the types of activities available and what where you will fit. If you are already volunteering and want help or support, we are happy to provide it.

Ordinary people making an extraordinary contribution!


Executive Team

Meet our executive team members.


Rev. Dr. Ralph Saykpa Wiah

Assistant Director

Mr. Augustine Forkpa

Program Manager

Mr. Collins Carr

Field Coordinator

Mr. Shafee Henry Gair

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