The Pledge Story

Pledge believes that no person should live in poverty, so we've made it our mission to end poverty for those who are homeless or unemployed.

Our mission is end poverty for those people who are experiencing homelessness and unemployment. We help with things such as a deposit for a house, when a person has moved on from rough sleeping or a hostel. Other ways we help to relieve their poverty will be for clothes for an interview or a bus pass to attend the interview for example, this will help them gain employment and therefor reduce the effects of them living in poverty.

Mylo Kaye, who has run multiple tech companies for the past six years started Pledge in 2018 to help the rising number of people who are living in poverty, including the homeless epidemic facing the U.K.

The North West saw the most significant increase of rough sleeping this year, 39% more than in 2016.

Once homeless himself, Mylo has combined his experience of being homeless with that of his time in the tech industry to launch the charity, which helps those living in poverty, and also sharing Pledge’s technical expertise with other charities.

“Being homeless was one of the loneliest times of my life. I'm now using Pledge to help those people who were like me.”

Mylo Kaye